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Information On Lipozene: Another Weight Loss Pill

August 20, 2010 by  
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LLipozeneipozene is a diet pill that uses one ingredient called glucomannan. This ingredient has been shown to improve weight loss by creating a sense of fullness. This reduces the amount of calories a person takes in per meal, thus aiding weight loss.

People taking Lipozene must drink lots of water to experience the optimal effects of this diet pill. The water combined with the filling effects of the pill help dieters eat smaller meals. This pill does not block fat, speed up metabolism, or increase energy.

How Lipozene Works

Glucomannan is a natural fiber from the Konjac Root and acts as a fibrous sponge in the stomach. Lipozene is supposed to be taken with at least 8 oz. of water 30 minutes prior to each meal. The pill absorbs the water and swells slightly, providing a feeling of fullness. The increased amount of fiber also helps clean out a person’s system, helping them to lose weight from stored bulk.

Lipozene is advertised as safe to take up to six times a day. The manufacturer, Obesity Research Institute, recommends taking the maximum dosage for the quickest weight loss. Since Lipozene is simply bulk fiber, it’s considered natural and safe.

Side Effects

Since this product is all fiber, the most common side effects occur in the gastrointestinal tract. Bloating and gas are the two most common side effects that happen during the initial stages of increased fiber intake. Diarrhea and stomach pains are other side effects caused by too much fiber too quickly. Slowly increasing fiber intake can help reduce the severity of the side effects felt from Lipozene.

Warnings and Precautions

Overall Lipozene is a safe product. Provided in capsule form, most dieters will have no problem swallowing the pill. However, dieters shouldn’t confuse the tablet form of glucomannan with Lipozene, as the tablet form can swell in the throat and cause difficulty swallowing or even choking. Allergic reactions such as hives or rashes are also possible due to the increased amount of fiber. As always, with any medication, dieters should discuss taking Lipozene with their doctor first, before starting the pill.

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